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Troubleshooting Garbage Disposals

Troubleshooting Garbage Disposals – Maintenance

First of all you’ll want to unplug the disposal or turn off the power for safety purposes. Once that is complete, if there is a humming sound but no movement you’ll want to get an Allen wrench and put it in the bottom of the disposal you can try to turn it back and forth about a half turn and then plug it in and see if that freed it up.


CO And Smoke Detectors

CO And Smoke Detectors

There are many different types of CO and Smoke detector so make sure you know the details of your specific type and get familiar with it’s operation. These are just some basic guidelines.



Texturing Walls and Ceilings

Texturing walls and ceilings is a good way to add some style and hide imperfections in the drywall. The best way to do this is to seal it with primer first. Once you’ve primed it you’ll want to mix some mud with water to your desired consistency. About one cup of water to a gallon of mud should be a good start.


Patching Walls

Patching Walls – Maintenance

So today we’ll show you how to patch any imperfections or even holes in the wall. If it is a big hole, you’ll need to get some mesh tape or a backer to put the mud on first. For small imperfections like the one in the video you won’t need to do that. If you’re doing several patches at once, it may save time to start with the biggest/deepest holes first so they have more time to dry.


How Do Salt Lake City Rental Owners Benefit from a Good Property Management Company?

Choosing a property management company can be the most important decision you make since buying your investment property. Today, we’re discussing what to look for when you’re hiring a management company. This is the first blog in a two-part series. In the next blog, we’ll talk about what to watch out for when you’re choosing a management company. (more…)

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